Single & Dating: Why Is it So Impossible to Meet Guys in New York City?

So apparently there are no single men in New York City. Not in Brooklyn nor Queens or even in the forgotten borough (Staten Island). Don't believe me? Check out these numbers which claim that New York City is the fifth city in the United States with the most single women. There just aren't enough men to go around. Like Paula Cole sings in "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone," "I am wearing my new dress tonight" but I have nowhere to go! 

This poses quite a dilemma. I just moved back from Los Angeles — the city of angels where men flake and stand you up, or date you for your Hollywood Rolodex. Not very angelic of them. I was excited to return to the city that never sleeps and date men from Wall Street to Dyckman Street to SoBro (it will always be the South Bronx to me) to Dumbo. Only I have had zero luck.


I've been back for almost a month and have only been on one date. We met online and went out on Valentine's Day. I changed my thrilling plans to drink at a bar with my sister and her coworker just for him. I thought it would be incredibly romantic if we had a connection. Or another story to tell if it was a disaster.

And it was a disaster.

Older, chubbier and bald — he looked nothing like his photos. Yet he was self-righteous and arrogant. He also didn't feed me though I asked to go out for dinner and drinks. Needless to say, I was starving (my Moscow Mule was tasty, however). I will never see him again, if only to avoid his incessant talk of the broken educational system.

He has been my only date since being back in the Big Apple. I am not sure where to go from here. I have been single in NYC before; it isn't easy. I've met men on the train, online, at bars and clubs, at work, and even through friends and family, to no avail. I am still single. Where does that leave me? Where do the single women in NYC roam like the cowboys in that song? Is there a support group? Perhaps we should travel like villagers and create a society all on on our own. We will protect one another like momma bears and love each other like sisters. Because, like the song goes, I don't know where all the cowboys have gone.

I'm afraid they're just not here.

Single ladies: Any dating tricks to share?