Your Super Bowl Sunday Checklist: The Bare Essentials You Must Have

Don’t have tons of time to plan and prepare for your day of football festivities this year? We’ve narrowed down the list to your absolute essentials so you can still throw a great bash on the fly—no one needs to know you tossed this one together at the last minute. Follow this basic checklist and you’ll avoid having to run back to the store to pick up that forgotten necessity.

check mark Pretzel Crisps

Available in a variety of flavors from savory to sweet, these crunchy crisps are perfect for dipping and will keep your guests happily crunching throughout the game. Our favorites? We love the spicy Buffalo Wing and the zesty Garlic Parmesan.

check mark Beer

Stock up on brews so guests can wash down their scrumptious snacks with ease and stay cheery (even if the favored team isn’t pulling through). Pick up a variety so your friends can choose from an assortment (be sure to consider seasonal options that aren’t available throughout the rest of the year). After all, what’s a Super Bowl party without a few pints?

check mark Bottle Openers

Make sure your guests don’t get caught without a way to crack that bottle. Pick up a few extra openers and scatter them about the living room so guests can grab one easily without missing a minute of the on-screen action.

check mark Napkins

Being that finger foods and snacks are on the menu, you certainly don’t want your guests wiping their crumb-caked or greasy fingers on  your furniture, but you also don’t want to play referee in your own living room (one ref is all this game needs!), so subtly place napkins in easy-to-reach spots and your visitors will get the hint!  

check markIce

Always a party must, you can never have too much ice. This is perfect for keeping drinks cold in coolers so you don’t have to trek to the fridge, and of course, you’ll want to have ice on hand to add to soft drinks—always keep those beverages crisp and frosty!

check mark Dips

A few store-bought, jarred dips will do the trick—no need for you to fire up the food processor! Make sure you stock up on a variety (think cheesy, bean, avocado, and tomato based dips) so guests have options for dipping their delicious Pretzel Crisps.

check mark Soda and Juice

Make sure you have something for the rugrats running about and for any adults sticking to soft drinks. Everyone in your living room should have something to sip, and should the opportunity arise to raise a glass to toast a successful team, each of your guests should have a beverage at the ready (even the designated drivers).

check mark Seats

If you’ve got more bodies coming over than seats available, plan seating beforehand so everyone is comfortable. You can always borrow or rent folding chairs, but if you’re strapped for options, set out plush cushions and pillows so the more limber guests can grab some floor space and still stay comfortable.

*This post was sponsored by Pretzel Crisps.