#5: Glympse

There are various apps on the market to help you locate and keep track of members of your family. Glympse is our pick because of its simplicity and flexibility. No software or setup is required . . . anyone with Internet access via a phone, laptop or other device can receive a Glympse. The app is free and works on Apple, Android, Windows phones and BlackBerry devices. You can send a Glympse to one individual, several, or a larger group via Facebook or Twitter. The designers have also kept it safe—you (or your kids) are in control of who sees your location and for how long. Glympse is one of those apps you’ll find yourself using again and again. The next time you’re late to pick up the kids, shoot them your exact location and let them know your ETA. On the next family outing to a crowded fair or shopping mall, you can split up, track one another’s locations and reconnect when ready. TIME Magazine chose Glympse as one of the 50 best iphone apps for this year and we agree—a must for today’s modern on-the-move families.

Learn more about Glympse here.

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