Top 5 Apps for the Family


# 2: Cozi

There is no shortage of apps to help you organize your life, but when it comes to family planning, Cozi is one of the best. It not only helps you manage a packed schedule of shopping/schooling/socializing, but it also keeps your entire clan in the loop. Its family-friendly features include: a shared calendar that sends reminders and delivers agendas for the week ahead; shared shopping lists which are accessible while you’re at the store; and shared to-do lists and chore checklists. 

Because the Cozi Family Organizer is shared, you only need one account for the whole family. The program is easy to use and the applications are endless. Best of all, your family’s lists and schedules can be retrieved from any mobile device as well as from any computer through The free online version of Cozi has additional features like a meal planner and recipe box that are also great. What this means for moms is: no more mixed messages or missed appointments—everyone in the family is looking at the same information at all times.

Get more information on Cozi here.

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