Kelly Rutherford Loses Custody Battle: Children Will Live In Monaco With Dad

‘Gossip Girl’ star Kelly Rutherford was dealt a devastating blow in her custody battle.

Kelly and her ex-husband Daniel Giersch have been locked in a nasty court fight over their two children, Helena, 3, and Hermes, 5. Yesterday the court delivered a heart-wrenching order: Kelly’s children must reside in Monaco with their dad for 50% of the time. Kelly’s ex had his visa revoked and therefore cannot come into the United States, so the court figured that with Kelly’s flexible work schedule, she could be the one doing the traveling to see her kids.

Helena and Hermes have been in Monaco with their dad since May and are due to start an international school in fall. Daniel’s lawyer shared, “They play tennis at the Monte Carlo Country Club, have friends, snorkel and play at the beach. They just enjoy the surroundings with their grandma, grandpa and father’s undivided attention.”

The judge is said to be giving the arrangement a two year timeline and after that, they’ll reevaluate and see if Daniel’s visa is reinstated. It’s rumored that the reason for his revoked visa is that Kelly accused him in court records of dealing drugs and weapons in South America. Even just the accusation is enough to ban someone from the U.S.

As a mom I cannot even begin to wrap my brain around this. As you can imagine, Kelly plans to appeal the judge’s decision.


Photos by WENN