Heidi Klum Is Looking Forward To Summer In NYC With Her Family

Heidi Klum shares that a summer in NYC with her family is a welcome change.

Heidi and her family are temporarily calling NYC home while she films the current season of “Project Runway”.  The busy mom of four says that the summer won’t be all work.  “We do everything that the city has to offer. From driving on the sight-seeing bus to the Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty and the museums.  We’re going to watch Spider-Man [on Broadway] — my son is really excited about that.”

Heidi is currently keeping a blog for AOL, detailing her summer of running.  She credits her kids with giving her the motivation to get up and do it every morning.  Shared: “You have to be a morning person when you have children. [Before you can] go out late at night and sleep in a little bit, but when you have kids that get up at 5:30, 6 o’clock you go to bed earlier!”



Photos by Splash