How I Finally Got Rid of My Kitchen Funk

As a Latina, I show my love by cooking for loved ones. I’ve even mastered some traditional Dominican dishes, like arroz blanco con pollo guisado, so I can stuff my hombre. But what I hate about cooking is the trash that accumulates. Whether I’m getting rid of a platano peel or throwing away excess oil that is released when pan-searing tasty chuletas, the trash piles up… and it smells terrible!


So I ask my boyfriend to take out the trash every day. He sees how much I hate the funky smell and does so willingly. But he’s a modern Latino who doesn’t expect me to do all of the cooking, so I can’t expect him to do all of the heavy (and stinky) lifting. I have to toughen up, hold my breath, and take out the smelly trash, right? Wrong!

Taking out the trash isn’t so torturous with Glad ® OdorShield® Hawaiian Aloha Scent trash bags. Not only do the trash bags smell like fresh flowers, they also provide continuous odor neutralization, leaving behind a clean scent. Instead of stinking like days-old garbage, my trash now smells reminiscent of Hawaii. I walk by my trash can and say, “Aloha!”

Taking Out Glad Kitchen ForceFlex OdorShiel Hawaiian Aloha Scent trash bags

Using glad kitchen aloha scent trash bags

Finally, I’m officially no longer terrified of the trash. Thanks to Glad ® OdorShield® Hawaiian Aloha Scent trash bags, I can cook as much as I want to and toss the waste without tearing up, or tearing up the bag. 

This post was sponsored by Glad