5 Tricks for Brighter Eyes & Skin After a Sleepless Night

It took me a good year after my son was born to realize that my exhausted looking eyes and skin were there to stay. I mean, it would be great if I could get more sleep, but let’s be real: It just wasn’t going to happen then (or now, to be honest). So, I went on a mission to find a few key products that would help me look awake and refreshed. Thanks to my job as a fashion editor, I get to try a lot of cool stuff! Here are the tricks I’ve learned (you’re welcome!):



1. Brighten up the area under your eyes to diminish dark circles. If I could walk around with a reflector (the ones used at photo shoots) I would, because the beautiful light they reflect make my under-eye circles instantly disappear. Luckily for me (and you), under-eye brightener has the same effect. Most have a bit of sparkle to them, which is why many are called illuminators. So a dab goes a long way; you don’t want too much sparkle. I apply mine before my under-eye concealer so my under-eye is not too shiny. Out of the many under-eye brighteners I have used, the Radiant Creamy Concealer by Nars is the best.


2. Beat the tired pallor with tinted moisturizer.
When pregnant I developed melisma gravidarum, thanks to pregnancy hormones, and a few spots stuck around. After experimenting, I discovered a moisturizer that adds a hint of brightening color to my skin and SPF for sun protection: Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer


3. Stay hydrated.
The Mayo Clinic recommends that we drink 2.2 liters (or nine cups) of water a day. It’s beneficial to skin because water keeps it from drying out. Not only does dry skin age you, it makes you look even more worn out.


4. Play up your best feature. 
If your lips are your best feature then choose a bold lip color (like Zoe Saldana did at the Grammy’s in 2015). I have really been sporting the bold lip for the last year after I ran into a mother of three who had a bare face and red lips. I was mesmerized by how it just brightened up her entire face, so I copied it with my favorite lip hue, pink! If it’s your eyes, wear mascara. And so on.


5. Simplify Your Hair. When tired try to not weigh your face down with heavy hair. I have pretty thick hair, and if I have had an especially rough night with my son I will not wear it down the next morning. The hair just seems to weigh my entire look down and deepen circles under my eyes; we’ve all been there. I exercise one of the first beauty tricks I ever learned, which is to give your face an instant lift by doing a sleek ponytail or a pulled back French twist.

This instant lift is honestly one of the best (and cheapest—it’s free!) beauty tricks out there.

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Photos (from top): Sephora and Getty