6 Amazing DIY Hair Treatments Using Latin Ingredients

The constant heat styling and chemical treatments my hair undergoes (highlights, blowdrying once a week, and flat-ironing pretty much everyday) dries out my hair big time and with the cold, winter-y weather approaching, my strands are sure to brittle up…and break off! To get my hair back in top-notch shiny, smooth shape, I use these Latin ingredients to create masks and treatments that seriously transform my dry, damaged hair into shiny, smooth locks.

These natural ingredients, like avocado and papaya, are full of nutrients and other moisturizing ingredients that help nourish my hair and the best part: They’re easily found in your fridge or pantry. So whether your hair is breaking off because it’s so brittle, dull-looking because the color is fading, or lacking shine because of heat styling (like me!), there’s a treatment for every hair issue here. Check out a few of my fave at-home hair treatments to get your pelo looking amazing again!


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