Best Strollers on the Market Right Now

Picking out a stroller for my first son would be easy, I thought. I needed something lightweight, easy to stroll through Brooklyn’s city sidewalks, and simple to fold and store in my narrow closets. I also looked for a stroller with an easy glide, since I’d be doing lot of walking, from the library to grocery store and to play dates. But, when I went into Buy Buy Baby to “test drive” several strollers I was totally overwhelmed. The options are endless (a good thing!) but many of the strollers had complicated functions (not a good thing). 

I picked out the Bugaboo Bee for my first son. It was small and compact, functional but also stylish. Then, I had my second buddy and deciding on which double stroller to go with had it’s own challenges. I looked at strollers my friends had, even celebrities (actress Dania Ramirez rolls around with a Valco Snap Duo, $579 for her twins). And while most preschoolers are just fine walking alongside the single stroller or hopping on a riding board, living in NYC, where you walk everywhere and the winter’s are brutal, I knew I needed a stroller that would accommodate both of my buddies. Needless to say, I’ve tested out many a stroller. So whether you’re looking for a jogging stroller or an affordable one, here’s a nightmare-free edit for you:



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