9 Top Podcasts to Listen to on Vacation

What I love about podcasts is that to me they feel so old school. They remind me of families sitting around listening to the radio in the 1920s before the advent of TV. Podcasts allow for me to use my imagination but still be totally engrossed in a story or idea.

Unlike reading a book or watching TV, podcasts utilize a different part of my brain. They let my mind wander while still focusing on the podcaster’s voice. I remember when I was little and I loved having my older sisters read me books. That’s what podcasts are like, someone reading to me, doing the work, while I just get pure enjoyment.


One of the reasons podcasts are so nice on vacation is that I can just plug in my headphones and listen to them anywhere: walking on the beach, working out at the gym, vegging out under a palapa on the beach. I’m constantly on the lookout for new podcasts to listen to, tapping my friends and coworkers all the time. The podcasts top charts don’t really do it for me; they’re dominated by either things I’ve already heard, sports podcasts (yawn), and humor I’m not always on the same page with. Especially before I take off on a trip, I like to have a few series downloaded and ready to go so if I’m stuck without cell service I have some great things to listen to.

Here are some of the top podcasts to to listen to on vacation. Check them out in the slideshow.