The Best Podcasts to Listen to This Summer (For Kids & Adults)

Podcasts are my number one favorite way to make time fly. Whether you are cleaning, walking the dog or on a family road trip, nothing makes time fly like a well told story. Do you know how many boring chores you can get done while following a good unsolved mystery? My floors have never been cleaner!

If you need to pass the hours on your own here are my favorites podcasts for getting through the most monotonous day:


Culpable– Every family’s worst nightmare – a couple’s son is on the path to success until he tangles with a rough crowd and winds up dead. The case was ruled a suicide even though there is so much evidence to prove otherwise. I couldn’t help but get pulled into the reporting on this one. There are only a few episodes left and I’m hoping they bring justice to this case..

The Best Podcasts to Listen to This Summer

Missing Richard Simmons– It took me a long time to get on board with this one. So many recommended it but I had no idea what it could provide that I hadn’t already heard on morning television. I was hooked two minutes into the first episode and finished the whole thing in one evening. Hearing the story of how Richard Simmons faded from society makes you realize just how strange his disappearance truly is.

My Dad Wrote a Porno– Listen to this one with headphones on or maybe when no one is home because you will be laughing out loud. I was howling while the host and his friends dissect the porno that his father wrote. Everything from ridiculously un-sexy names to horribly written seduction scenes will have you pausing this one to catch your breath and clutch your stomach.

The Best Podcasts to Listen to This Summer

Finding Cleo– This one got me because it was a story I knew nothing about. In the 1970s indigenous children were taken by child welfare workers in Canada and adopted out to wealthy families. Finding Cleo follows the story of one girl who was taken from her family to never be seen again. The reporting and editing is excellent and the story had me so engrossed I cleaned our whole basement.

To Live and Die in L.A.- I couldn’t stop listening to this one either. I think the thing that got me about this missing person case is how it unraveled as the host was telling the story. You can’t help but get caught up in Neil Strauss’s emotions as he investigates the disappearance of aspiring actress Adea Shabani.

The Best Podcasts to Listen to This Summer

If you’re heading out on a road trip with the kids the list of child-friendly podcasts just keeps getting longer. Here are a few of my favorites to make time fly:

Dear Hank and John– It’s John Green! And his brother! I’ve read everyone of their books. Sharing John’s books with my kids is one of the few things I look forward to about my kids’ teen years. These two tackle all kinds of big and small questions with heart and humor. Not all episodes are ideal for small kids but the older kids (and you!) will love it.

The Best Podcasts to Listen to This Summer

Radiolab/Radiolab G– SO interesting. This podcast investigates the most fascinating stories you never knew about by taking them apart. The reporting is engrossing and will keep the most eye-rolling teens engaged. There are definitely some mature topics but I would say middle schoolers and up will be interested. I think we skipped one episode because we knew by the title it was if-y but that’s it!

Story Pirates– Trying to encourage imagination and storytelling? Story Pirates is the perfect place to start. Through a group of “world-class actors, comedians, improvisers and musicians” they make stories written by children come alive. These sweet and funny stories will keep your whole family smiling.

The Best Podcasts to Listen to This Summer

Pants on Fire– If you’re looking for a podcast to keep your kids engrossed this is it. In Pants on Fire kids interview two experts on a subject and are tasked with deciding which one is telling the truth. Great way to develop critical listening and reasoning skills!

Swish and Flick: A Harry Potter Podcast– Need someone to read Harry Potter with your kids and talk to them about it? I was so excited when we found this series. We read the first book together but after that I was a little less disciplined in our reading. In Swish and Flick they go through each book chapter by chapter then discuss it in detail. A great way to make sure your kids understand what they’re reading and that they can keep up with the other Harry Potter fanatics to discuss it with!

The Best Podcasts to Listen to This Summer

Wow in the World– A great one for the younger kids, Wow in the World talks kids through the amazing world around them. Super likable hosts and a creative cast of characters deep dive into subjects like the brain freeze and why we like cereal. Definitely a fun one for long car rides.

This Podcast Has Fleas– This one seriously couldn’t be any cuter. A dog and cat face off in hosting the podcast, telling the cutest stories to keep your kids giggling. This Podcast Has Fleas is aimed at the younger audience but my preteens are still listening whether it’s “cool” or not.

The Best Podcasts to Listen to This Summer

The number of podcasts out there is growing by the day. If you find a few you like on this list make sure you subscribe to them and definitely listen when they preview new and upcoming podcasts. My favorites always lead me to new favorites. Happy podcasting!

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