6 Money Saving and Organizing Grocery Apps to Download Now

Shopping for groceries has become an art form these days. It’s an extreme challenge to navigate which stores have the best deals and where to get the best produce or meats to stock your fridge each week. It seems like at this point I have four or five different grocery stores that I frequent depending on what I need that week. Every store has their staples that I prefer to buy, so I end up running all over town to fill up my kitchen and plan my weekly meals. Thankfully, I have my smart phone to help me stay organized and minimize my trips around town. Plus, a few stores have made it even easier to save money on food each week with a specialized phone app. Check out the the 6 money saving grocery apps I am using to stay organized and save bucks on essentials these days.


I haven’t cashed in any of my funds from these apps yet, but I can’t wait to see how it goes later this month. They have made grocery shopping into a fun game of hunting down deals and saving money. What other grocery shopping apps do you use? Any other ones out there that can save us a few bucks?

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