The Best Cell Phones for Kids

Every time a new iPhone comes out, it gets me to thinking about the astronomical prices I am gonna have to pay when my kids get old enough to want one. That leads me down the rabbit hole of debating in my head about when is too early to get a kid a cell phone. While I want to be able to be in touch with my child if we are apart, I don’t necessarily want to give them a fully featured smart phone until they are old enough to use it properly. 


There have a been quite a few phones designed specifically for kids over the past few years, but there are a few new cell phones for kids out now that are really cool and useful for parents who want to be in touch with their little ones. 


Sprint offers a phone called the WeGo built specifically for kids. It looks like a friendly robot from Wall-E and offers limited functionality just for kids. It has just a single button that can be used to call or text 20 pre-programmed contacts. The phone also offers extensive tracking so you can always view your child’s location via GPS. It’s the perfect first phone for a little kid, and is only $10 a month on top of your existing Sprint bill.


Another first phone option is the Filip, a wearable smart phone that looks surprisingly similar to the new Apple Watch. This phone also lets you call and text pre-programmed contacts via a single button, but also has an emergency button that will call the primary account holder and record the call if pushed. The phone also has integrated safe zones, which will notify you when your child gets within a predetermined GPS area. You can get a text message whenever your little buddy gets home from school. Filip is currently developing a version 2.0, but you can get the original version from