The Best Web Resources For Thrifty New Moms

Having a new baby is an expensive time.  In fact, you might be surprised just how much money someone so tiny costs! 


In today’s economic climate, it’s a good idea to save money where possible and, thankfully, the internet makes it simple to shop around for deals.  If you’re keen on making the most of your money, here are some handy web resources which could help you save a small fortune.


You can find a multitude of moneysaving offers posted by members on this site.  It’s not just for baby items but often has them.  I was able to buy my cotbed for half price thanks to an offer posted here.  The site also lists discount codes and even freebies.  Freebies often include sample packs of toiletries such as toothpaste or shower gel and these mini items are perfect for a hospital bag – even better if they’re free!  Deals are posted regularly, throughout the day, so you need to move quickly to get the best deals before they’re gone.

Money Advice Service 

The Money Advice Service is a free tool, established by the Government, to provide financial advice and information to members of the public.  It features great family tools, such as the baby costs calculator, which helps you plan financially for your new arrival in advance.  It also has tools to help with monthly budgeting for general family finances and childcare.  The link above will take you straight to the baby costs calculator so try it out for yourself.

Find Local Bargains With NCT Sales 

NCT holds nearly new sales all over the country, where you can find toys and other baby items for rock bottom prices.  Non members pay a small fee to enter the sale but the potential savings make it more than worthwhile.  Using the link above you can search for your closest event.


You can pick up some heavily discounted new and used baby items by searching on eBay.  Using its tools, search for items near your home offering local collection to save on postage costs.  Remember, saving money isn’t just about buying.  Why not sell your maternity clothes on eBay and use the money to buy clothes for your new baby.


From discount codes to save money on vital purchases to advice on family budgeting, MoneySavingExpert is a goldmine of information to help families make the most of their money.  Try its free Money Makeover to help work out ways to save money on your everyday bills and put the money you save away towards a family holiday!


Earn money for your children when you shop online with cashback website KidStart.  When you shop at selected online retailers, cashback is collected which can then be transferred into your child’s savings account or, if you prefer, paid to a school or charity of your choice.  KidStart is free to join so you can start saving right away.  It also features discount codes which can save you money when you shop.

These are just a selection of some of the best ways savvy mums can save money online.  Why not keep a spreadsheet to track how much you save each month and put a percentage of the money into a savings account for your little one, so they can benefit from mum’s smart shopping too.  It may only be small amounts but, over time, savings can really start to add up.