11 Best Apps For Thanksgiving Cooking & Entertaining

Now is just about the time when I start to think about the Thanksgiving menuI’ve got to gear up for that turkey; it requires some mental pep talking. I like to stick to a pretty standard menu with some family recipes thrown in but my husband is a vegetarian. He gets bored by the same old side dishes–and that means hunting down new Thanksgiving recipe ideas.

We’re all looking to jazz up Thanksgiving in one way or another, right? Whether or not you’re a Michelin-starred chef or more of a cranberry-sauce-from-the-can kind of gal, you’ll find what you’re looking for — if not with The Food Network app, then maybe the Bon Appétit. Perhaps the entertaining is what’s got you stressed? Better Homes and Gardens or Simple Soiree could be just what you need. And if getting the food out on time (and hot) is your trouble area, you will love KitchenPad Timer or Chow.

No matter what you’re looking for, look no further than this awesome list of apps for ThanksgivingHappy planning and cooking everyone!

More Help for the Holidays:

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