Top 6 Apps For Killing Time In The Carpool

I’m in a phase of life right now where chunks of my day are filled with what I call “hurry up and wait” time. My kids are on three different school schedules (Kindergarten, elementary and middle school) so I don’t have a solid amount of my day for running errands or getting much done.

In the afternoon it feels like I’m usually organizing my crew, arranging them in the car getting them off to practice, church activities or play dates. Then I wait for whatever it is to be over. Hurry up and wait, usually in the car in a parking lot or at a bus stop. I never seem to have enough time to really get into a book or a project but it’s too much time to sit and look out the window without feeling creepy. Enter the iPhone and my favorite apps for killing time while I sit in my car.

1. Words With Friends

2. Angry Birds

3. Cooking Dash

4. Fruit Ninja

5. Cut The Rope

6. Facebook