My Family’s Favorite 6 Apps

Not all of them were released in 2010 but they’ve been the ones we’ve favored all year long.


1. Angry Birds:  This little app has turned several members of my family (husband and son) into Angry Bird Addicts. I truly believe there needs to be a support group for the spouses of those people. But I can’t really talk because I have also lost oodles of time to this maddening app. We won’t even go into the newest madness that is Angry Birds Seasons. (hint: check here for help with some Angry Birds hints.)

2. Netflix: Thanks to Netflix we’re discovering wonderful television shows and movies that we’d otherwise never have known about. Having the videos streaming to our iPad or iPhone has been like having an extra television in the house. Whenever the kids are fighting over the remote control I can offer up the Netflix app as an alternative for someone.

3. Pink Pad: Pink Pad helps you track all of the lovely feminine changes that moms experience throughout a month. It’s easy to use and covers plenty of symptoms. It’s become extremely helpful to me as it helps me track patterns of my migraines. A few taps and I can record or look up everything I need. I’d recommend this one for those with teenage daughters.

4. Words With Friends: My husband and I are both fans of Words With Friends. It’s a bit like Scrabble (ok, a lot like Scrabble but they probably can’t claim that) only you play against friends anywhere in the world. You’ll need patience, games could take weeks since you have to wait for each other to take turns but the fun is playing against people you know.

5. Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner:  While you are out shopping you can use Shop Savvy to scan product barcodes and then compare prices at other stores. Shop Savvy brings up prices from online and local retailers. It will even tell you if your local retailer has the product in stock. I wonder if a retailer will price match? Shop Savvy can tell you that too. This is my go-to source when I want to compare prices without running around town.

6. Cooking Dash. Wedding Dash. Hotel Dash: Hands down these are the favorite apps of my eight and eleven year old daughters. They could literally spend hours tapping the screen and running their virtual worlds. Can’t say I blame them, I’m addicted too.

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