Somebunny to Love

Sometimes, I wake up at two in the morning and have a genius idea. Usually I fall back to sleep and forget all about. But every so often, I grab my phone and do a little research. For the most part, the great idea ends with me snoring while my phone falls from my limp hand. Once in a while, though, I do something that while I may not regret, I do question in the bright light of morning.

Like on Saturday night when I emailed a woman selling purebred mini lop rabbits and told her I'd take the last one if she didn't have anyone else interested. I fell asleep with the thoughts of fluffy bunnies and happy children dancing in my head.


I woke up, still riding that vision. Have you ever noticed how rarely a "vision" is reality?

I told my grieving children to be happy! Mommy was getting them a baby bunny rabbit! Excited they ran around the house until we got the phone call to come look at the bundle of fluff. And a bundle of fluff it is.

Tiny—barely bigger than my hand—and jet black, it stole all our hearts. It was still a little too young to leave its mama, but we were assured we'd be able to bring Licorice home in the next few weeks. Interestingly enough, a "few weeks" to the breeder turned out to be ten days. I got a text today that we'd be able to pick up our bunny early next week.

Which means I only have a few days to a) build a hutch or buy a cage, b) read how to keep a rabbit alive, and c) figure out where in the garden we're going to keep said rabbit. But mostly, I need to figure out how to keep a bunny breathing. Hamsters, goldfish, turtles, cats, dogs, chickens – those I have covered. Rabbits? Not so much.

Someone needs to hide my phone from me to prevent further middle-of-the-night ideas from coming to fruition. In the meantime, does anyone know how to care for a rabbit?