The Calming Effects of a Thundershirt

Is your dog the high strung, nervous type or suffering from temporary dog anxiety due to noise pollution or a change in environment? If so, then check out the Thundershirt.


Do you recall that really old SNL skit about Doggy Downers and Puppy Uppers? Well, hopefully most of those references were only made for the sake of comedy, because drugging a pet to lessen their anxiety should only be a last resort and administered only under the guidance of a veterinarian, if warranted.

I'm lucky because my dog is a Golden Retriever and his personality is very calm and relaxed, kind of like your Grandpa. But over the years I have known friends whose dogs, for whatever reason, just seemed to be more high strung by nature, making them more susceptible to being nervous in unfamiliar situations.

So when I came across this product called a Thundershirt, it intrigued me. Next I did some researching and discovered many owners who have used this product, seem quite pleased with it's results, with some even claiming up to an 85% success rate!

The idea behind it's design is very similar to that of swaddling a young infant to calm and comfort them, so that concept totally made sense to me. And what could be the harm in trying something that's totally noninvasive, is all natural and doesn't involve medication?



This product comes complete with training and fitting tips, so learning to use it on your dog is very simple. And it is available in sizes all the way from XXS to XXL, so chances are you will be able to find a size to fit almost any dog.