5 Ways to Update Your Home on a Budget

Are you in the mood to change up your space but don’t have the money (or time) to redecorate? Here are five ways to update your home on a budget—and they won’t take much time in the process.

1. Add a Gallery Wall. 

Gather some of your favorite prints, family photos, and kiddo artwork, frame them (you can even spray paint frames you already have), and create a gallery wall. Photo via The Everygirl

2. Change Up Your Throw Pillows.

Switching out the pillows on your sofa or bed is an instant update and an affordable way to mix things up. Photo via Stephanie Sterjovski


3. Style Your Mantle. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a mantle of any kind, take a look at what’s on it. Then take everything off and start over, only adding the things you most love or treasure, mixing quirky and sentimental, vintage and modern. Photo via Apartment Therapy


4. Add Plants.

Sometimes adding some simple plants (air plants and succulents are great options for those of us without a green thumb) can really breathe new life into your home. Photo via Decor 8


5. Spruce Up Your Bookshelf.

Like your mantle, your bookshelves can often get overlooked over time. Try to mix your books with other pieces and treasures you love. Photo via SMP Living


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