21 Creative Ways to Save Your Kids’ Artwork (Without the Paper Pile-Up)

At my house, every day is an art day! My daughter’s backpack portfolio is overflowing with her work when she comes home from school, and she doesn’t miss a beat before making a beeline for her art table. As a result, I am living like a hoarder. I’ve got artwork stacked on top of the fridge, in bookshelves, under tables, in drawers — when does it end?!

Celebrity mom Kim Kardashian has a Hermes purse hand-painted by her daughter, North. And perhaps the ultimate homage to child artwork is Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress, embroidered with her children’s drawings. Now, we can’t all afford Hermes bags and Versace embroidered gowns … but there are myriad opportunities to use our children’s artwork. Keep it as art by having a painting made into a canvas, or transform it entirely, creating anything from cell phone covers to pendents. With many of these options, you’ll need to scan or photograph your kids’ original work, and Snap Happy Mom has some great tips to help you get good quality photos.


Check out this list and find the perfect way to display your child’s masterpieces without having it cover every blank space of your house.

More Kids’ Art Ideas:




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