8 Smart Ideas for Indoor Holiday Decorating

Welcome the holiday season with these 8 simple and speedy strategies to get your home holiday ready! Simply follow the tricks below to bring the holidays into your home and usher in some good cheer!

Tip 1: If you are going to use all natural decorations, have a spray bottle filled with water handy, so that you can give them a daily mist to keep them fresher longer.

8 Indoor Holiday Decorating Ideas - Step 1


Tip 2: Hang a wreath in a window without having to drive a nail into your window trim. Suspend the wreath from the curtain rod with strands of ribbon and ornaments that coordinate with the room, or hang a trio of wreaths. Place a push pin right in between the joint where the molding meets the door or window.


Tip 3: Mismatched strings of white and colored tree lights? String the white ones close to the trunk from the base of the tree to the crown, then weave the multi-colored ones through the outside branches. The white lights will create a glow from within while the colored ones dance on the branches.


Tip 4: Check out the outdoor garden department at The Home Depot for fresh cut trees and greenery. Inside you will find aisles of holiday lights, colorful ornaments, tree toppers, and ribbon.

8 Indoor Holiday Decorating Ideas - Step 4

Tip 5: Candles are a simple way to add holiday glow and make your home feel special. Battery operated ones come in handy when you have children around.

Tip 6: Garlands and wreaths spread holiday cheer throughout the house – use green chenille pipe cleaners that you buy at the crafts store to invisibly attach them to staircase banisters and more.

Tip 7: Add some wheels or casters to a galvanized metal tub, place your tree and stand inside to make your tree easy to move around. This can come in quite handy when watering or if you need more space when entertaining.


Tip 8: When we deck our halls we usually go big in the main rooms of the house. Don't forget to add a special little touch to every room.It could be as simple as a poinsettia on the bathroom vanity to a window candle at every window in every room.

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