DIY: Fall Door Decor

Autumn has arrived! Help welcome the brisk season by decorating your front door. We've got simple and affordable ideas you can totally handle that will get your family into the spirit of the season. Your kids will loe having the most creative and festive door in the neighborhood!


Fall Door Decor Idea #1

Wrap your door!  Use paper streamers and create eyes from construction paper. This inspired idea and photo come from Honey and Fitz.

Fall Door Decor - Wrapped in StreamersDIY: Fall Door Decor

Fall Door Decor Idea #2

Make your space just a tad spookier by using glue dots to attach paper bats across your entry. This creative idea and photo comes from Country Living.

Fall Door Decor - Paper Bats

DIY: Fall Door Decor

Fall Door Decor Idea #3

Get a great scarecrow look to your stoop by place cornstalks in urns or planters. Skewer gourds upside down onto straight tree branches, and draw skeleton faces on them with a black magic marker. Place them in urns and you've got a scary style.

Fall Door Decor - Dried Stalks and Gourds

DIY: Fall Door Decor

Fall Door Decor Idea #4

Get creative with paper plates. Cut out Jack-O-Lantern faces on black and orange plates and attach them to a string of Christmas lights. The originator of this idea and image is Best Top Design.

Fall Door Decor - Paper Plates

DIY: Fall Door Decor

Fall Door Decor Idea #5

Get your inspiration from Mother Nature. Attached dried leaves to a grapevine garland and hang the garland around the door frame. This lovely idea and photo come from Pottery Barn.

Fall Door Decor - Dried Leaf Garland

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