Decorating: Skirted Perfection

Skirted tables not only look pretty in a room because they break up a room full of leggy furniture while adding a splash of color and pattern to a room, but they work double-duty as a way to create hidden storage


They are easy to make – no sewing needed. Use fusible hemming tape and some Velcro or a staple gun and you can hide just about anything – even an ugly table.   Center photo: Tumblr

Here are some ideas that you can steal to make your own rooms pull double duty.

Skirt Side Tables

In the bedroom you can hide the clutter that accumulates on bedside tables or create extra storage for off-season clothes.  These side tables could be made by using lumber, sawhorses and plywood. Since the skirt hides the actual table, there is no need to use something fancy.

Furniture Skirts

1. Cote De Texas   2.Lonny    3. BH&G


Skirt a Desk

Rest a glass top or melamine sheet over short file cabinets, then cover with fabric and hook-and-loop tape to create a long desktop.  An great way to hide printers, and other electronics beneath the desk, but still have easy access to them.

Furniture Skirts

1. BH&G   2.La Dolce Vita

You can use them anywhere… and no one will know what is hidden under them but you.

Furniture Skirts

1. Pinterest    2.  BH&G