Decorate With Books

If yours are only in a bookcase, office, or library you can use them to make a decorating statement in your rooms and spaces. Below are some simple ideas for you to try using your collection that will bring new life not only to your books, but your home as well.   

On tables and bookshelves: use them as a “lift” to highlight your decorative accessories.

1. Place one large accessory on one large book = Instant Drama   Armonia Decors

2. Create a lot of color and interest on a coffee table by stacking books all around the table and placing one accessory on top of each stack.  Rue

3.  Add one to a table vignette to heighten something small.  Armonia Decors

4. Lay books on their sides and stack on a bookshelf instead of lining up side by side. Armonia Decors

Create Instant Furniture

Decorate With Books

1. Stack oversize books to create an instant side table. Emma Gran

2. Need an extra wide table?  Place two stacks of books together and place a tray on top. BH&G

3. Pyramid stack all the same color books.   Heather Egan

4. Create a fun and colorful coffee table, by placing four or more stacks of books together. Add a piece of glass or wood as an optional top. Aiming Low

5. Need a temporary table?  Place four even stacks placed apart from each other with a piece of wood on top.

Create Wall Art

Decorate With Books

1. + 3. Attach a stack of books to angle irons and hang on the wall to create unique shelves.  Real Simple Google

2. + 4 Line a wall with molding and place books cover side out to fill a wall.  6th Street Design School  Google

To Create a Color Statement

Decorate With Books

1. Change things up on your bookshelf by arranging your books by color.  Remove the book jackets and you may be surprised by all the colors your books are.  Honey Were Home

2. Stack all the same color books with the same color accessories.  BH&G

. Use colorful books as a way to introduce an accent color into your space. Lemon Tree Creations

4.Cover unattractive books with leftover wallpaper or buy a few sheets of scrapbook paper in your rooms color scheme.   Made By Girl

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