Having Guests Without A Guest Room

With the holidays on their way, it's time to start thinking about where guests will sleep – even if you don't have a spot for them!

Having Guests Without A Guest Room

Believe it or not, the holidays are almost here. If you are staying put this season, then it's time to start thinking about guest quarters. Sure the sleeper sofa is in the living room, but if you have young kids who wake up at the crack of dawn, then the living room may not be the best place for guests.

Guest Room/Nursery

If you don't have room for a guest room and a nursery, then having a guest room/nursery is a great option. A day bed or sleeper sofa would work wonderfully even when there are no guests. If you have guests often, then decorate your nursery with a sense of sophistication. Ohdeedoh features a wonderful example of how to do it.

When there are guests, have the baby sleep in your room (in your bed, bassinet, or pack 'n play). You could also give up your room, and take the guest room for yourself.

Guests in the Kids Room

If you're moving your kids out of their beds and into sleeping bags, then there are a few things you can do to make your guests more comfortable in the kids' room.

1. Clean, clean, clean. It may be a child's room, but when housing guests, it should be picture perfect and passing a white glove test.

2. Put some clean grown-up sheets on the bed. Those flannel Toy Story sheets are better left for your little one. Crisp grown-up sheets will definitely help your guest feel more welcome.

3. Make it fun for the kids getting kicked out of their rooms. Let them build a tent (like this one, below, from Moozle Home's shop on Etsy) in the room they are going to sleep in.  Or if the weather is right, you can even let them go camping in the backyard.

Having Guests Without A Guest Room

On the Sleeper Sofa

If any of the above options don't work for you and your guest will be on the couch then consider using a screen or room divider to add a bit of privacy.

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