City-Inspired Kids' Room Decor

City-Inspired Kids’ Room Decor

City-Inspired Kids' Room Decor

Let's face it. We're not all cut out for nature. If the city feels more like home, let it lead the way when decorating your child's room.

  1. City bedding from Boodalee
  2. City wall stickers from Boodalee
  3. Knodd bins from Ikea
  4. Building blocks from Christopher Jarratt featured on Inhabitots
  5. Metal street sign from My Personalized Tshirt's shop on Etsy
  6. Kids playground bench from Maryland Materials Playgrounds
  7. Create your own bus scroll from Transit Design's shop on Etsy

Cities like San Francisco and New York City are definitely inspiring, so why not bring that to your child's room? This decor would work particularly well in a lofty space with a brick wall, but if you are without those two things, don't fret. Wall decals and street signs are enough to set the tone. The blocks from Christopher Jarrat are very cool and could maybe be motivation for a DIY project. With some wood and paint, you could put together your little one's own little city. He or she could even help.

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