Photo Display Ideas

Displaying your photos is an easy way to decorate your home.  Get those pictures off your computer and into your home with these creative ideas!

  1. DIY grid photo wall from Paislee Press
  2. DIY clipboard photo display from S.HOPtalk
  3. Gallery wall from Sixx Design
  4. Vase display from Country Living
  5. Single photo display from Bentheim
  6. Instant art from Plywerk
  7. Soda crate display from Goddess of Garbage

These days, taking fabulous photos is easier than ever – digital gives us instant gratification, and even portable little cameras deliver great results.  So instead of just uploading them to Facebook, why not put them up around your home, too?  Print out your pictures and display them in interesting vignettes around your house!  Love the look of traditional frames?  Hang them en masse for a dramatic look, or blow up a favorite shot and make it the singular focal point of a wall.  Or skip the frames altogether and get creative: Line up similarly colored and sized shots in a grid formation; display small prints inside glass vessels; or clip pictures to clipboards covered with pretty paper.  Even an old soda crate works as a completely unique photo holder!  Mounting a favorite print to wood also makes a modern statement and creates an instant piece of artwork for your home.  That’s right – your photos really ARE art, so show them off!

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