Gift Idea: Create a Kids Gardening Kit

 My daughter got into gardening at a young age, and now she looks forward to tending her plants year-round. I love to gift kids presents that center around an activity, which is why I love gifting kids gardening kits. This gardening kit is easy to assemble and gets kids growing plants right away.

What is in a kids gardening kit?

  • Watering can
  • Spray bottle
  • Seed packets (easy to grow seeds)
  • Plastic garden tools for kids
  • Seed starter tray
  • Additional accessories: kids garden gloves, a journal, kids books about gardening, garden kneeling pad

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 watering can and pink spray bottle    

Watering can: No matter the age, every kid needs a trusty watering can. Make sure that the size is manageable for the child you’re gifting it to as well as useful. In our garden, my daughter fills up her can using the hose and then waters each plant individually. It’s much easier than letting her drag the pressurized hose around the yard. Also, beware of buying a kids can that is “cute” that barely lets the water out, as it will just frustrate everyone.

Spray bottle: A spray bottle is the perfect accessory for younger children to learn how to water their plants. You can fill up the bottle, they can spray every plant in the garden to their heart’s content, and you won’t be worrying about drowning the plants. My daughter would ask to spray the plants multiple times each day just to be outside and playing.

seed packets

Seed packets: Pick out seeds that are easy to germinate and are popular with kids. For this kit, I chose pumpkins, snap peas, sunflowers, and multi-colored carrots. 

green plastic mini gardening tools

Plastic garden tools: Start all kids out with plastic gardening tools. They won’t get too hot to use in the sun, and you won’t have any accidents with poking or cutting anything. Get a set that includes a trowel and rake at minimum, and if you can get a dirt scoop that’s great too.

seed starter for garden

Seed starter tray: The easiest way to get kids excited about growing a garden is starting everything from seed. It never gets old watching a seed start growing, so including a simple seed starter tray is the best way to go. These trays already include the dirt and fertilizer, and just need a kid to poke some seeds into each little pod.

container garden blue gardening gloves

Additional accessories: If you’re worried about your child being too enthusiastic about playing in the dirt, you might want to pick up some kid-sized gardening gloves. Another fun activity is starting a plant journal and having your child draw pictures of how the plants grow. If you want to continue talking about plants inside the house, grab one of these books and read about gardening as well: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Kids’ First Gardening Book or The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids: 101 Ways to Get Kids Outside, Dirty, and Having Fun. And if you’ve got a gardening area that might be hard on the knees, grab a gardening pad as well.

This present will be a huge hit with any kid who likes to be outside and getting their hands dirty (which is pretty much EVERY kid).

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