How to Make Mini Pumpkin Planters

DIY Mini Pumpkin Planters

I saw these mini pumpkins on sale at the store the other day and brought a handful home to make a little succulent garden for fall. Want to make your own mini pumpkin planters? They’re super easy to make and only cost a few dollars.   Let’s do this…

How to Make DIY Mini Pumpkin Planters


  • Mini pumpkins
  • Scrap knife or pumpkin carving tool
  • Spoon
  • Succulents


Step 1: Start by cutting a hole all the way around the stem on the pumpkin, about ½ inch out from the stem (or more for a larger plant).

Cut top of pumpkin with knife

Step 2: Once the hole has been cut all the way around, pop the stem off.

Remove pumpkin stem

Step 3: Next, remove the seeds from inside the pumpkin with a spoon.

Remove seeds from pumpkin

Step 4: Plant a succulent, cactus, etc., and add extra soil if needed.

DIY Mini Pumpkin Planters

Mini Succulent Garden with Pumpkins

DIY Mini Pumpkin Planters

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