DIY Glitter Ice Cubes For a Magical Party


DIY Galaxy Glitter Ice Cubes for a Magical Birthday Party


My daughter is obsessed with all things scientific. Her first love is geology, but astronomy is a very close second. A galactic, glittery drink for her birthday party seems like the perfect way to pay homage to her planetary passion. Not only do these glitter ice cubes make a pretty decoration, you can actually eat them! Or I guess technically drink them! I’m thinking these could also be a big hit for other holidays like New Year’s Eve or even the Fourth of July.

These DIY glitter ice cubes are super simple to make, but they’re guaranteed to add a lot of wow to any kiddie drink.


edible glitter

filtered water

measuring cups

food coloring

ice mold

favorite kid-approved drink

DIY Galaxy Glitter Ice Cubes for a Magical Birthday PartyDIY Galaxy Glitter Ice Cubes for a Magical Birthday Party


Step 1: Add two drops of food coloring to 1 cup of filtered water. Fill each silicone mold halfway with colored water.

Step 2: Sprinkle edible glitter into each mold and shake gently to disperse. Set in freezer until each 1/2 cube is semi-solid.

Step 3: Carefully fill the remaining 1/2 of each mold with clear filtered water.

Step 4: Add edible glitter to each mold, and shake gently to distribute.

Step 5: Return to freezer until each cube is completely frozen.

Step 6: Leave cubes in the ice tray until ready to use. Or pop them out, and put them in a bowl in the freezer.

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