How To Throw A Magical Unicorn Birthday Party

There is something magical about unicorns that kids (and hipsters) just can’t get enough of right now. The best thing about this trend, in my opinion, is all the cool ways to throw a unicorn birthday party. See, since unicorns are so popular right now, there are plenty of recipes, crafts, and decor DIY ideas that make throwing a unicorn-themed birthday party a cinch (even if you’re not a big DIYer). Besides, aren’t you sick and tired of the same old bounce house and birthday cake routine? C’mon, go out on a party-throwing limb this year and do something new for your kiddo’s big day.

I’ve rounded up 12 unicorn birthday party must-haves, from desserts to decorations to party favors. Each of these DIY projects will add an extra sparkle to your unicorn birthday bash.

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