Gender Reveal Truffles: The Sweetest Surprise We’ve Seen Yet

I’ve got gender reveal parties on the brain. I dream of sugar, so naturally I had to combine the two. These DIY geometric gender reveal truffles would be perfect displayed on a platter or in a candy bowl, or sent in little boxes to faraway family and friends. A couple of pink and blue triangles and diamonds add to the baby surprise inside. Mmm!


I love that these little morsels pack a big, surprising punch! Pink? Blue? Delish either way!



Step 1: Melt several pieces of white chocolate according to package directions. Pour a small amount into two additional bowls, for a total of three bowls. Tint the chocolate in one bowl pink and in one bowl blue, and leave the remaining bowl white.

Step 2: Using a toothpick, color one facet of the mold blue. Allow to harden. Paint another facet pink. Allow to harden.

DIY Geometric Gender Reveal Truffles | Shauna Younge

Step 3: Fill the mold halfway with uncolored white chocolate. Using the toothpick, spread the uncolored chocolate up the sides of each mold cavity. Tap the entire mold on the counter to remove any air bubbles. Allow to harden.

Step 4: Add a dollop of pink or blue to the center of each cavity, tap the mold several times on the counter, and set aside to harden.

DIY Geometric Gender Reveal Truffles | Shauna Younge

Step 5: Fill the remaining space in each cavity with uncolored chocolate, and tap the mold several times again. Set aside to harden.

Step 6: Gently remove each truffle from its cavity and serve.

DIY Geometric Gender Reveal Truffles | Shauna Younge

Images by Shauna Younge of Sweet Tooth

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