How to Make Hula Hoop Chandeliers

For a recent event I hosted, we made white and gold streamer chandeliers from hula hoops. They were hung over our craft booth, and everyone loved them! The great thing about this hula hoop chandelier is that you can use different materials like long, thin pieces of patterned fabric, or even lace, to achieve so many looks.


In addition, instead of using a hula hoop, you can use a smaller circular object to make a nursery mobile.

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  • Hula hoop
  • White duct tape
  • Roll of streamers (Use as many different colors as you’d like!)
  • Scissors 


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Step 1: The hula hoop that we found was super colorful! In order to cover it up, we wrapped the hoop in white duct tape. 

Step 2: Cut large pieces from your roll of streamers. You can make them however long you would like—ours were about six feet. In order to cover the entire hula hoop, depending on size, it takes quite a lot of strips. We recommend taking some time at the start to just cut all of your pieces before tying them on.

unnamed (5)  

Step 3: Place the top of your piece of streamer under the hula hoop.


Step 4: You are then going to tie the streamer onto the hoop like you are tying your shoelaces. However, you can stop after the first cross-under and pulling-tight. 

unnamed (6)

Step 5: Continue tying your streamers on until your hoop is entirely covered. To spice it up, you may also add gold thin streamers like we did! 

You’re done! As you can see in the left image, this is how we used our chandeliers. We are so happy with how they turned out.

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