10 Party & Decor Ideas Inspired By Disney’s Cinderella

Cinderella, a film inspired by the classic Disney tale, is back in theaters. My daughter and I saw it…and loved it. It had me (a thirty-two-year-old-woman) dreaming of fairy tales and magic, believing in the power of kindness, and yes, wishing my feet fit into those stunning glass slippers!

The movie was so much more than just a charming prince to the rescue, fabulous fashion, and an evil stepmother. It’s about courage, kindness, believing in true love, and being who you truly are.


So in the spirit of once upon a time, happily ever after, dreaming, and bippity boppity boo, I have my top ten ways to celebrate Cinderella so you, too, can throw a party fit for a princess, or just bring the fairy tale into your own life…because I believe you are never too old to be a princess. Check them out in the slideshow above.

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