6 Yummy Ways to Top Hot Dogs for Your Next Party

Hot dogs are one of our favorite summer standby meals. They grill up in a jiffy, and you can make them into almost anything you want by changing up the toppings. Instead of writing up lots of recipes today, I thought I’d share some of our absolute favorite ways to top hot dogs. You can see that we squeezed them all onto one dish for fun. My husband and I weighed in on all of our personal preferences to share with you!


Base: Grill hot dogs until cooked through and place in a split-top bun. We don’t like our buns toasted, but some people do; hot dogs are delicious this way!

6 Hot Dog Toppings (as pictured above):

  1. Relish and mustard. (Note: My husband does not like ketchup on hot dogs, but feel free to add if you want.)
  2. Queso and bacon: Melt a simple queso dip in the microwave, drizzle about two teaspoons over a dog, and top with chopped bacon.
  3. Mexican hot dog: Top a dog with a big dollop of guacamole and salsa.
  4. Fruity dog: Top a dog with a big spoonful of Newman’s Own peach salsa.
  5. Cole slaw: Treat your dog like a lobster roll and top with it creamy, crunchy cole slaw.
  6. Plain & simple: Straight mustard always does a dog right.

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