5 New Year’s Eve Games for Kids and Grown Ups

balloons-game-new-years-eve2. Baby New Year Balloons Game

Good for groups – at least 8 players or more.



  • about 50 tiny plastic babies, depending on # of players like these from Party City
  • Opaque balloons – between 5 and 10 balloons per player

How to play:

  1. Before the party, blow up a bunch of opaque balloons. You should have between 5 and 10 balloons for each person playing the game.
  2. Put a tiny plastic or printed cardstock baby (representing the New Year’s Baby) in about 1/4 of the balloons.
  3. Divide the players into 2 teams
  4. The players will line up at one end of the room, then race across the room, one player at a time and grab a balloon. When he gets to the balloon, he/she should sit on the balloon to try to pop it (either on the floor, or on a hard chair).
  5. Once they pop their balloon they can grab the baby New Year if there is one, and race back to drop it in a cup or bucket in front of their team.
  6. If there is no baby, they simply run back and tag the next person to run down and pop a balloon.
  7. The game is over when all of the balloons have been popped, and the team with the most babies wins the game.

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