5 New Year’s Eve Games for Kids and Grown Ups

If you’re planning a New Year’s Eve party this year, you’ve got to have a few games to help move the evening along and to keep your guests entertained until the New Year arrives. Here are a few fun New Year’s Eve games kids and grown ups alike will enjoy.

1. Guess the New Year’s Resolution



  • slips of paper to write resolutions on
  • bowl or hat to collect resolutions

How to play:

  1. Have everyone write out one of their New Years resolutions and put it into a hat or a bowl.
  2. Then you will draw out one resolution at a time, and everyone tries to guess who’s New Years resolution it is.
  3. Give it a fun twist and have the person who draws the resolution out act it out in a game of charades.
  4. Once you guess the resolution, then you have to guess who made it.

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