Birthday Party Extravaganza

Today is day one of Elizabeth’s Three Day Birthday Extravaganza. I’m still a little confused as to how her birthday is beginning to expand to fill a a good portion of a week.


I think it started out with my sisters not all being able to make it to her party, but still wanting to celebrate. Cue ice cream, presents, and a candle.

Then, when I told Elizabeth I was taking her with me to my mani/pedi, she assumed it was part of her birthday celebration, which, to be honest, it is. “Can we do girls lunch?” she lisped in her adorable little voice.

I was putty in her hands. “Of course, baby!”

So, today is pedicures and lunch. Tomorrow is her birthday party and then on Sunday, her actual birthday, she wants to go see Brave. Again.

When it comes to their birthday, I’m powerless to say no to my children. I have such emotional ties to those days – after all, they were the days I became their mother. I want them to have at least a dozen clear and wonderful memories of their birthdays with a half dozen more that remembered in photographs and dim, hazy stories.

Which is why I find myself gluing feathers and flowers to cardboard hats to make fascinators for all the little girls and mommies attending tomorrow’s tea party. And it’s why I stayed up until midnight sewing Jedi robes for Joseph’s Star Wars themed party.

And it’s why I’m already pondering next year’s Angry Birds party.

Friends have told me to beware because I don’t want a bratty Sweet Sixteen year old who throws a fit when her party isn’t catered or his party doesn’t have the Dallas cheerleaders. Call me naive, but I hope it doesn’t get that way. I’d like to think the kids understand it’s not about getting stuff, it’s about celebrating and having fun.

Within a budget.

Which is why I’m the one sewing and gluing instead of ordering. And you won’t find ponies or clowns or magicians – unless the clowns are sisters and the magicians are friends.

Do you go all out for your kids’ birthday parties?