Eco-friendly Baby Shower Inspiration

eco frienly baby shower ideasBaby showers are just one more event that can easily be made green, and if you’ve got a mama-to-be who has an eye on the environment, make her proud by throwing her an eco-friendly shower!

1. Fabric garland from Etsy

2. Plantable invites from Botanitcal Paper Works

3. Vintage tablecloth

4. Wine-in-a-box from BotaBox

5. Punch Inspired by Marth Stewart

6. Organic baby goodies from Erbaviva

7. All-natural wood teethers from Etsy

8. Favors/centerpieces from Marth Stewart

Set the tone at the eco friendly baby shower by sending out botanical invitations that will sprout flowers when planted. For the party, use décor that isn’t disposable – fabric (instead of paper) tablecloths and napkins, a handmade fabric garland that can do double-duty in the new babe’s nursery afterwards, and potted flower favors that also double as centerpieces are all ways to do just that. Look for wine in eco-friendly packaging, and serve beverages in a punch bowl with glasses (instead of bottled drinks). And encourage guests to add sustainable, organic items to their gifts; both mama and baby-to-be will thank you for it. 

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