Shoe Storage Ideas

12 Genius DIY Shoe Storage Ideas

Recently, I realized that I didn’t just need space for all the shoes my girls and I own, I needed clever shoe storage ideas to corral the chaos. Even though we had moved to a bigger home, there were shoes strewn around our mudroom, scattered on the floor in my kids’ rooms, and wobbling on my open-wire shelves. It was a major problem, and getting rid of my precious shoes wasn’t an option.

Before I hit my breaking point, I put a few hours aside and did some major research on shoe storage ideas. My efforts paid off! Think DIY pallets, creative shelving, consoles, and even a hidden cabinet. It doesn’t get any easier (or clutter-free) than these solutions. Get inspired by my genius shoe storage ideas and put an end to your organization struggles. Because the organizational struggle is real. So real!

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12 Genius DIY Shoe Storage Ideas

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