12 Things That’ll Help You Keep Your Car Clean (Even With Kids in Tow)

My car, if I’m not careful, quickly becomes a moving pit of dirt, grime and snack crumbs. When I’m running around with my son from place to place, it’s easy enough to say “Eh, I’ll get to that later” until later finally sneaks up on me that the car has become a big enough disaster zone that I don’t even want to get into it, let alone clean it. So I let it go…until that emergency run to pick up a friend at the airport rolls around and the state of my car is so embarrassing that I’d rather pay for her to get an Uber rather than pick her up in my trashmobile.


If your car sounds a little bit like mine, there are actually some pretty genius products that you can stash in your car that’ll help cut down on the mess. Check out these essential products that will help you keep your car clean (well, relatively clean…) in the slideshow.

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