How to Clean & Disinfect Your Kids’ Favorite Toys

Cleaning toys regularly has become a necessary evil that I find myself having to take care of weekly.  I simply did not understand the amount of dirt and grime one small child could create! My girls spill milk, track dirt and mud everywhere, draw on everything but a piece of paper, drool, and do a host of other things that get their shiny new toys dirty. There have been a few scenarios where I’d look inside of a toy to discover black mold growing inside of it. Needless to say it went directly in the trash, and my girls don’t have squeeze toys in the bathtub anymore. Period.

But throwing out all my kids’ toys is obviously not the answer to germ-free house. I’ve learned to keep up with cleaning and disinfecting their toys, and especially if you don’t let them get too dirty, most toys are super easy to clean (hint: the dishwasher is your best friend!). Cleaning and disinfecting toys is simple to do, but different toys require different methods. Here is a list of how to clean kids toys the right way, including some of the most common toys and ways to get them clean & fresh. Check them out in the slideshow.


More Cleaning Tips: