Product Review: Valentina’s Take on Angel Soft

I never thought toilet tissue could make my busy life as a mom easier and more delightful—but it truly has! And that’s because I discovered Angel Soft.


I’m a practical and picky shopper, especially when it comes to household products. I do my own research by testing various brands before selecting the one that will become the staple used in our home. Yes, this research takes some time, but it’s always worth the effort. I was thrilled, though, that in my search for the best toilet tissue, I was able to cut the hunt short. I found Angel Soft early on and didn’t see any reason to try any other brand. 

I have three essential requirements for a toilet tissue: it must be (1) extremely soft, (2) very strong, and of course, (3) a great value.  Angel Soft checks all the boxes!

The most important quality for toilet paper is softness. After all, anything that touches my family’s skin should be gentle.  Angel Soft has just the right amount of softness and durability. The pillow-like texture is perfect for my kids’ delicate skin.

Angel Soft balances softness with strength, and in my home—with two young boys—the strength of toilet tissue is also of the upmost importance.  Now, forgive me if I’m sharing too much, but my boys are often forgetful when it comes to washing their hands. Never mind that I’ve been reminding them about hand washing almost hourly since they were out of diapers!  My boys stubbornly refuse to heed my reminders, so I’m very glad that Angel Soft hangs together and keeps their forgetful fingers from getting too unclean!

And you know how wine connoisseurs will tell you that the most expensive wines are not necessarily the best?  Well, the same is true in the world of toilet tissue! In fact, Angel Soft is one of the lower priced toilet tissues, and I think it’s the best!

I am just thrilled with this product, because it’s really difficult to find a toilet tissue that is both soft and strong. All of the other brands I tried were one or the other. And Angel Soft is a good value, to boot! Thank you, Angel Soft!  

DISCLOSURE: This post is sponsored by Angel Soft. While I did receive compensation, all statements are my opinion and my opinion only.