Boost your Mood with a Spring Cleaning

It might sound like a chore you’d sooner do without, but performing a really good Spring cleaning can really benefit your mood

Spring signifies the start of a new year after the big Winter freeze; it is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings, so no wonder it is also the traditional time of year to really blitz your home!

It’s a fact that clutter makes people miserable, so be brutal; if you’re hanging onto things you don’t use or even like (perhaps unwanted gifts), get rid of them.  If you have clothes you haven’t worn for a year ask yourself if you really need them taking up space in your wardrobe.  Consider reorganising your living space to minimize clutter, as this will help you to think more clearly and relax better when you’re at home.  While sorting through your possessions you might even find something valuable you had long thought lost.

Take this opportunity to clean your whole house systematically from top to bottom, including the areas which are sometimes missed such as behind the sofa and TV, curtains and blinds, the tops of door frames and bathroom grouting.  You’ll be amazed how much satisfaction can be gained from seeing your home looking at its best.    

If you have a garden, don’t forget to include it in your cleaning endeavours, by weeding, pruning and mowing to get your garden looking as good as your house!  You could also take the opportunity to repaint fence panels and sheds, and give any outdoor furniture you have a thorough clean at the same time.

The Spring clean isn’t just for parents; why not get your children involved.  Challenge them to see how tidy they can make their room in 30 minutes, or how many bags they can fill with rubbish, with a reward for a job well done!  Maybe they have old toys that have fallen out of favour (or down the back of the cupboard) which are no longer useful to them.  Toys your children no longer enjoy could be donated to the local hospital, children’s home or to charity, providing the perfect opportunity to get your child involved in helping others.

Spring cleaning doesn’t just help boost your mood, it could even boost your finances.  Earn extra money by selling your excess clutter at a boot sale or online.  You might be surprised how much you make, particularly if items are in very good or unused condition.  Remember the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”?  It’s true – there are almost certainly people out there searching for the very thing you are considering throwing out so why not sell it?  If you prefer, you could donate your items to charity; your philanthropy will not only help those less fortunate but you will benefit by feeling good about helping others.  

There are plenty of reasons why a good Spring clean can lift your spirits so don’t put it off, book the time in your diary and get stuck in.  You will soon reap the benefits of a clutter free, freshly cleaned home!

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