Spring Cleaning Guide


It’s time to shake the dust and winter dreariness out of our home.  It’s also time to open the windows, and let the fresh air refresh our spirits and our homes.  Make it less of a chore this year by following these tips.

If you are like me, finding the time to do most anything these days gets harder and harder.  If you don’t think you have the time to spring clean in one day or weekend, don’t try.  Instead, break it up into smaller blocks of time that spans over a few weeks.  Ask for help and enlist your kids to clean their own rooms, garage, or basement.  You will be surprised at how much you will get accomplished doing it this way. It won’t feel so overwhelming if you share the tasks.  

Before starting the actual cleaning, de-clutter as much as possible.  The less you have to clean, the easier it will be.

Gather Cleaning Supplies

Try to plan ahead and have everything you know you will need to clean gathered and ready to go so when you have a few extra minutes or even an hour you can quickly tackle a room or section of it at time.

1. A sturdy and easy to store step stool can help you reach hard to clean places like the tops of cabinets, ledges, window treatments, and light fixtures.  BEKVÄM Step Stool.

2. A wheeled bucket that has a built-in wringer and easy pour side will have the chore of cleaning your floors and overlooked places like baseboards, door frames, and walls smoothly.  LÖDDERBucket.

3. Vacuum your upholstery with the hose attachment and brush that come with the vacuum.  Remove stains, renew and recondition leather furniture with ABSORB Leather Cleaner.

4. Shine and polish wood to make it look like new. Use BEHANDLA Beeswax Polish for untreated wood to give a durable and hardwearing surface.

5.  Tried and true cleaning staples – mop, along with a dust pan and brush will help quickly pick up dirt and grime that has made its way into corners and crevices.  LÖDDER Mop and BLASKA Dustpan and Brush

Remove, Clean, and Replace Linens

1. Rotate the mattresses. SULTAN HOLMSTA Mattress.

2. Remove and wash all bed linens. Replace and update if needed. IKEA 365+ SKIDDA Mattress Pad.

3. Freshen up your bath instantly by adding a colorful new shower curtain.  TALLHOLMEN and BREDGRUND Shower Curtains.

4. Replace pillows if older than 2 years or they have lost their shape.  GOSA Pillows KRISSLA for Back Sleepers, RAPS for Side or Stomach Sleepers.

5. Store winter weight blankets and replace with lighter ones in fresh bright colors.  RENATE Bedspread.

6. Add some fluffy new towels in colors straight from the garden to bring the outdoor fresh feeling inside. HÄRDEN Bath Towels.

The Kitchen:  Clean, Polish, and Refresh 

Kitchens usually take the most time to clean.  Start at the top and work your way down until everything looks fresh and new.  

1. Use a cleaner that smells like spring, not industrial.  There are many organic ones on the market to try or use basic white vinegar, baking soda, and lemons.   AKURUM Kitchen with ABSTRAKT high gloss white doors and new RUBRIK ABSTRAKT high gloss green doors.

2 + 3. Clean windows on a cloudy day to reduce streaking.  Bring the garden indoors by updating tired and dusty window treatments, tablecloths, and place mats by sewing a simple valance, cloth, or mats using colorful nature inspired fabrics. FREDRIKA Fabric.

Update Rugs and Accessories

Add a touch of instant sunshine to your rooms after they have been cleaned.

1 + 3.  Replace or recover decorative pillows with new covers.  VALBORG and URSULA Cushion Covers.

2. Roll up heavy rugs and replace with colorful rugs that will take a room from winter to spring in an instant. VEMB Low Pile Rug.

4.  Add a colorful striped throw rug over worn or stained wall to wall carpet to give the room a fresh appeal until you can afford to replace the carpeting.  LUSY BLOM Low Pile Rug.

5. Rearrange your furniture and change the cover on your EKTORP sofa for a fresh new look that won’t break the bank.  EKTORP Chair Covers.

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