eeBoo Reminds Us Of The Benefits Of Puzzling

eeBoo has been around for nearly three decades and while a lot has changed in those 30 years, traditional play formats are still ideal for family time in terms of promoting conversations. Puzzles in particular are one of the best ways to offer old school fun across generations without the use of technology, which is something that many of us discovered during the pandemic. Though, admittedly – not me – I’m not a big fan of puzzles, but it’s something I’m trying to get over because my husband’s side of the family loves them (they do a 10,000 piece one on Yom Kippur!) and there are tremendous benefits as far as child development. eeBoo specifically uses minimal packaging, no plastic components, 90% recycled board and vegetable-based inks.

They have options for any age – literally from 0 to 120 (see examples above and below) – that many people say they find both challenging and calming. There’s also a focus on social causes. For example the have a round puzzle in honor of International Women’s Day. It’s a 100 pieces, so approachable enough for someone not puzzle obsessed to get into with their kids, while offering a teachable moment.

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