Celebrate Losing A First Tooth With Maileg And Their Tooth Fairy Mouse

So many of us have memories of leaving a tooth under our pillow for the tooth fairy to collect. I remember finding the box where my mother kept the teeth she had accumulated over the years and still not putting two and two together that she was the tooth fairy! The tooth fairy visited me and up until I lost my very last tooth, which was around 10, so by then I’d like to think I knew my mother was the one leaving me money (but who knows….).

More than getting children excited about finding a dollar under their pillow losing a tooth can be a wonderful springboard for imaginative play. That’s where Danish brand Maileg comes in. The below “tooth fairy mouse in a box” ($34) may look like a keepsake item, but it’s actually designed to inspire imaginative play and playtime stories – not to be in a display case on a shelf. Though it certainly has an heirloom quality and is made well enough to be handed down.

The mouse is hand-finished and made with natural materials. It’s perfect for giving to your child as soon as he or she loses their first tooth (or even a few years before, though 2-3 year olds certainly won’t appreciate the charm of Maileg as much as 5-7 year olds because the mice are not “cuddly”). It’s also a nice idea to combine whatever you leave under the pillow with a note that says something like “great job taking care of your tooth! I see you are amazing at brushing and flossing!” And sign it the tooth fairy mouse or something to that end.

It’s not easy to get children excited about brushing and flossing, the tooth fairy can be a helpful springboard that takes minimal effort.

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