Kate Winslet Identifies with Middle-Aged Mothers in Emmy Speech

Kate Winslet radiated at last night’s 73rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards after winning the ‘Outstanding Actress in a Limited Series’ achievement for her performance in Mare of Easttown.


Within the HBO drama series, Winslet portrays Mare; a police detective charged with investigating the shocking disappearance of a young teenage mother from a Philadelphia suburb.

As Winslet approached the stage, she received a full standing ovation from an audience of her peers. Delighted, and surprised, the 45-year-old actor adorably shouted, “Mom, they’re standing up!”

Emphasizing what we all know to be true: you’re never too old to share achievements with mom.

But her mom wasn’t the only one Winslet gave a shout-out to. “In this decade that has to be about women having each other’s backs,” she implored, “I support you. I salute you. I’m proud of all of you. Mare of Easttown it seemed to — I don’t know — it was this cultural moment and it brought people together and gave them something to talk about other than a global pandemic and I want to thank everyone for watching out show.”

Then, fixing her attention on the show’s creator, Brad Inglesby, Winslet continued to emotionally say, “This is you, this is all you. You created a middle-aged, imperfect flawed mother and you made us all feel validated.”

An Evolving Depiction of Women in Hollywood

Winslet’s made that very specific shout-out, in admiration of Inglesby’s creation, due to Hollywood’s often criticized depiction of women in film and television. Not to mention, its severe lack of three-dimensional roles for women above a certain age.

Later, in the Emmys press room, Winslet further elaborated upon this, saying, “The shifts are happening. We’re finger-pointing a lot less at women in terms of how they look, their shape. We’ve stopped scrutinizing them, and in turn, what happens then is that the younger generations of women who are not in our industry start to feel okay with themselves, too.”

“That’s more important than anything else,” Winslet expanded, “It’s up to us to be absolutely real about representing ourselves with integrity and authenticity and celebrating each other and not judging one another. If we’re not doing that in our industry then nobody else has got a hope in hell.”

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